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My classmate was selling some of her old cosplay wigs today, she sold me these blonde ones for 35€ together *-* The long curly one was meant for Elizabeth (Kuroshitsuji) but she never finished it so the wig is practically mint condition. With the curly twin tails attached to the back of the neck it makes a very near perfect wig for Bakumatsu Rock’s Ouno cosplay, so apparently I’ll be doing it after all.

I have no plans for the other wig but it looked like a good versatile wig so I thought why the heck not, plus it kinda makes me look like Nagisa who ate a few too many Iwatobi cream breads lmao

My desk at school today, doing about anything but work. Koujaku bookmark in the sketching phase, with some cosplay drafts and weird prototypes in the background

I have to tell you guys, this morning I almost fell over due to the amount of notes and followers my stupid Aobutt comic got last night. <3

Hot pants, Aoba.

so if I can finish all my bookmarks in a week I might have time to make a cosplay for Tracon. I kinda liked the new Bakumatsu girls that were introduced this week, especially Ouno’s cat ears. I’ve also been meaning to do Tsumugi’s school uniform for forever (and Tsumugi is my spirit animal). It’s gonna depend on what fabric I can get for cheapest lol, I have very near zero budget for this orz

Discovering Yaoi


In this Field of dreams
Gazing at the infinite possibilities 
The future twinkles
With dazzlingly wonders

Full Version on dA

Progress shots on the Bakumatsu Rock! bookmarks - speed painting colour palettes. These guys are great exercise on colour theory owo

Another bookmark for Tracon, this time Noiz from DMMd. Only a little over 3 weeks till the con~~ >w<

Also bought a new brush pen and a huge bottle of ink today \o/

eveningdreams8 said:

is there a theme to it or do you get to design whatever?

There are a few themed entrances (Fantasy, 3-dimensional, Slaves of Fashion and Everyday) that we also have to design individual pieces for, but our own collections can be anything we want ^^