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8 new rolls of serger thread

white thin cotton jersey

black and white viscose jersey

black faux leather

and one very eager model lol

Some designs for a BJD collection I’m planning; there’s not enough minimalistic/graphic fashion available for dolls right now, and I intend to fix this xD

Going to go shopping for fabrics next week~

Noice isn’t naked anymore, so it was high time to take some more proper pics of him.

Was supposed to draw patterns for thesis work today, instead I made a quick freehand halterneck chiffon dress whoops

For sale! 10€ / 14$




Ormr being cute and sparkly. God I love her Oscar eyes… <3

Gorgeous! I love her Oscar eyes too~

Oh my god she’s so sparkly and cute. ;0;


Some guy called Matthew Christopher Nelson, who is also trying to fund an art book made of stolen pictures on Kickstarter, stole one of my pictures too. Signal boosting this shit, since this really isn’t ok in any way.

I reported the picture on facebook and also on Kickstarter, since there is a possibility that he would use my stolen picture also on his book if he got it funded. I’m not sure if it will help and all, but hopefully it will…

BJD Meme

Got tagged on dA by Awesome-socks15

1. If you could offer one bit of advice to your past self when you were getting into the hobby, what would it be?

Do not buy the white skin. I don’t care how pretty it looks now, just don’t buy it. Stop.

2. How do you go about picking out dolls? Do you approach it from a collectors perspective? Buy for characters? Grab the pretty ones?

I do both: sometimes I see a doll that’s so pretty that I have to have it and the character grows on them later, and sometimes I might spend months and months looking for the perfect sculpt for a character I’ve already designed.

3. What is the purchase you are the most happy you made? Which do you regret the most?

I have a love/hate relationship with my first buy, Fuyumi (CP Delf Lishe WS) lol. She’s always been and continues to be a lot of work and I don’t play with her all that much because I don’t want to redo her bodyblush/dye job anytime soon. However since she is my first OC and I’ve spent so much time on her I could never imagine selling her. The Delf line is also probably my fav doll line ever.

Out of my later buys I’m probably most happy about Kaitsu (Oasisdoll Alejandro WS). Even though he’s still without a body after two years, buying him gave my doll hobby a fresh start and gave birth to a whole bunch of new OCs (and he’s damn purdy as well.)

4. If you could own any doll [not from a company but from someone you’re a fan of] whose doll would it be? Why?

 Oh dear. Well, I’ve really adored illusionwaltz's dolls for a long time, especially her tan Dollshe god Viv, tho I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy that tall and lanky xD

5. Do you have any other hobbies? If so how have they been affected by your entering into the BJD hobby?

Oh god, too many. I got into BJDs a loooong time ago, roughly around the same time I got into everything else related to Japanese culture - cosplay, anime, lolita etc. etc. Before that I only had music and drawing as a hobby, and BJD’s definitely gave a huge boost to my artistic development.

Lately I’ve started to find some sort of balance between otaku things and more “normal” hobbies like hiking, baking and listening to music that’s not J-rock, and those hobbies have begun to show in my BJD’s as well lol.

6. Do you have any pets? Do you trust them around your dolls?

I don’t, and when I do some day they’ll have to be really really nice to get anywhere near my dolls. I don’t like other people touching them either unless I’m watching or they also have dolls of their own.

7. Do you do anything creative involving your dolls? [Sewing, photography, faceups, etc.]

All of the above. I make all my dolls’ faceups and clothes as much as I can, and sometimes get decent pictures of them to share on the internet lol. I also make photostories (tho it’s been rare ever since my local doll friends moved to other cities) and draw comics and other silly things of my doll characters.

8. When did you first discover BJDs? How long was it between the time you found them and the time you got your first doll?

I remember coming across a Dollfie Dream in Sakuracon, May 2005 (!) and probably started researching them a little. Then in September of the same year I went to another anime convention where the Finnish BJD forum Hartsilapset was having a doll meet, joined the forum, and roughly four months later in January 2006 arrived Fuyumi |D

9. Do you take part int he BJD community on a local or global scale? Do you prefer to keep it between close friends, enjoy it by yourself or chat with the whole community?

I don’t have many local doll friends at the moment, but I visit Hartsilapset every now and then (mostly to shop & sell) and sometimes DoA as well. However I prefer a few good friends over a lot of friendly strangers, and the deviantArt chatroom BJDHaven is my main hangout for doll related things <3

10. What’s your long term plans for the hobby? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully employed and owner of many more dolls than now xD I’d like to see at least my current NSL crew together and maybe own some gorgeous fantasy dolls as well. It’d also be cool to have a proper online shop for doll clothes and faceups.

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My Domuya boy is tired of being the Headless Horse(less)man and would appreciate a head that fits around a 9cm neck. He’s not in a position to be overly particular, but his owner has a preference towards Luts, Fairyland, and LeekeWorld. Volks and Dollzone are probably the hardest companies to sell to her.

He is open for business, but she’s taking head applications at her email address. Please send photos and prices for review!

I have the latest Luts winter event 2013 DF-SSDF head in NS for sale o3o

He’s going for about $60 (price negotiable) plus shipping, and I could throw in a faceup for another $15

Noice with his new faceup and a makeshift wig <3

Tan beauties night! \o/

Doll: Luts Delf Incubus Jace (Real Skin Brown) ~ NOICE

Faceupped by me (puffsan)