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Productive day at school, trying to design stuff for the class fashion show and getting sidetracked by space dandy

so I tried drawing eyebrows on myself for pretty much the first time ever and this happened

can’t decide which is scarier, Colossal Titan or Dark Lord Sauron





I finished watching shingeki no kyojin

so my summer vacation finally started this weekend and I’ve been catching up on anime things, watching attack on titan, free! and reading ao no exorcist

I really really want to cosplay Shiemi sometime because she’s just so cute and lovely and her kimonos are the most beautiful thing

but then again I also want to cosplay Shura because ponytail and stockings and hot damn that chick can shove a sword between her tits

I need to make a masterpost of all the cosplays I have currently planned

summer vacation is definitely bad for me

Anonymous asked:
You have pretty much a perfect face. I'd love to see you on the cover of magazines. That's about all I had to say.


I mean

thank you embarrassing anon

petesy said:

go for the blood orange… I mean blood red one! Marlies Dekkers’ bra’s are awesome and they give excellent support <3 Also, straps are awesome!

They are beautiful <3 The Aubade (in black) actually fits a teeny bit better but the Dekkers bra would give me motivation to lose a little weight xD Just 1 or 2 kg and it would be perfect

also the Dekkers is the most expensive thing we have in the shop, 150€

my boss told me today that I can have any one bra in the shop as reward at the end of my training period and I’m so excited I want to post photos of myself in it here but then again it would mean posting photos of myself in only a bra

also I’m torn between a blood red Marlies Dekkers bra with loads of straps and bling and a lacy black french Aubade bra with little vest like details hnng